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Ally for Onlys in Tech

Five diverse people

Are you the only                 on your professional software team?

Do you feel proud of your achievements yet face additional obstacles imperceptible to co-workers?

Would assistance and encouragement from an experienced ally help you achieve your career goals?

If so, let’s talk. I’m Eric Brechner. My one-on-one coaching for underrepresented midcareer software professionals provides techniques, strategies, and support to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. I’ve been coaching development leads, managers, architects, experts, students, and my own diverse employees for over 25 years. Many became directors, distinguished engineers, and even corporate vice presidents. I’d enjoy working with you.

While navigating a career is challenging for everyone, people who look dissimilar to or act differently from their co-workers often face additional obstacles. Yet research has demonstrated that these diverse people generate the innovative and inclusive solutions needed to succeed in the marketplace. I’m dyslexic, and my son’s autistic—this is personal for me.

I’ve helped many people like you progress from being an individual engineer or new engineering lead to becoming a senior, principal, or partner engineer, and/or a lead, manager, architect, or director. We’ll discuss utilizing your strengths while mitigating your weaknesses in order to achieve your career goals and success as you define them.

To learn more about my approach, click Coaching. You can also take a look at my services, rates, testimonials from those I’ve assisted, books and resources I’ve written, talks I’ve given, and more personal details about me.

Please schedule a free, no-obligation, confidential, initial consult with me today.