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I like how practical his advice is

As a software engineer, I have always found Eric’s books and blog useful, but his influence over my career was even greater when I started getting 1-1 coaching. I come to him looking for advice and encouragement even for some of the most challenging situations in my professional life and every time I leave energized and with a plan. I like how practical his advice is (“make a list with _this_ information”, “get _these_ people in a meeting”, “don’t bother with _that_”). Number and dates? Yes, please: “Use less than 10 bullet points for that”, “Don’t spend more than 20 minutes on the task before asking for help”, “In this new project expect to be productive after 3 months”. The best of all is how he believes in me and encourages me to do my best and not worry about the rest. The result is that I’m happier in my job and more productive, and this is acknowledged by those around me. I am incredibly grateful for his help!

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